Administrations and legislatures come and go. But no matter what the political climate, whether it’s on the local, state, federal or international level, Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates has the experience and contacts to accomplish your legislative goals.

Tugba Kalafatoglu  & Associates  assists its clients in developing a political and legislative strategy consistent with good public policy designed to achieve the client's objective. The firm provides guidance in current public policy analysis, helping clients define public policy positions. TK is well positioned to develop an action plan to achieve a client's objective. Our strategies include:

  • developing a message that is persuasive, comprehensive and consistent through all communications,
  • determining the extent to which media support may be necessary and working with the media to disseminate the client's message,
  • identifying key allies, and enlisting and coordinating their support,
  • discerning key opposition arguments and crafting the message and strategy to most effectively disarm the opposition,
  • identifying and educating policymakers who can affect the success of the client's agenda, working with decision makers within the legislative and executive branches, as well as allies, opponents and other stakeholders, to shepherd the client's agenda through conclusion.
Your legislative objectives may appear straightforward, but achieving them in a timely and costeffective manner may require navigating a number of different political rapids. What  Tušba Kalafatošlu Associates  provides is years of experience ,indepth knowledge of regulatory and legislative process, and constant vigilance to the always shifting political situation as it impacts our clients objectives.

TK works with each client to develop a focused legislative strategy, and then manages the day to day government affairs agenda.

With international experience provides clients with a more detailed understanding of the decision making process. That includes insight and access to the political alliances, party structures and community organizations that directly impact decisions. 

Government Affairs services include:

  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring
  • Lobbying of federal, state or local legislation
  • Regulatory support
  • Appropriations
  • Fundraising
  • Relationship building with key officials
  • Ally development
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coalition Building
  • Campaign Management
  • Grassroots Communication
  • Election Analysis
  • Political Education Forum and Consulting
  • Policy Research Development
  • International legislative and regulatory tracking
  • Support development and mobilization among key public officials
  • Public record testimony, including congressional hearings
  • Public image support
  • Developing legislation to move our client's agenda forward
  • Keep our clients fully informed, and consult with them about future moves