Consumer Marketing 

Building brand awareness and driving consumer action through PR…Clients turn to Tugba Kalafatoglu & Associates because of our expertise in applying creative and strategic thinking to the power of marketing communications.  We believe that communications must deliver on client objectives to be successful.

Tugba Kalafatoglu & Associates know how to use communications as a tool to influence consumer perception and behavior.  TK  is an expert at influencing consumers at every point of contact.  We know how to establish relationships between brands and consumers through integrated public relations and marketing activities that create a “sum greater than each of its parts.”

TK’s approach to consumer marketing and public relations is based on a unique strategy and planning delivers tangible results for client programs based on a client’s business objectives.  Whether the goal is to increase product sales, change perception, generate awareness, increase transactions or drive website traffic,  Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates believe that marketing communications activities must be driven by tangible business objectives that ensure a return on investment. 

Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates has a track record of devising distinctive, multidimensional marketing strategies and materials. TK develops and executes stand-out campaigns that build brands, generate sales and expand your business. Specialty areas include:

Branding And Corporate Identity

What does your business represent? What story does it have to tell? What is its personality? And is it projected in a unified, consistent voice across all points-of-contact with your customers? The process of exploring these types of questions and developing strategies based upon the answers is at the heart of our branding and identity process. Building a mature identity in the market today demands introspection prior to action. It requires searching for that which is most unique about your organization, its values, its culture and its personality.

Tugba Kalafatoglu & Associates guide client companies through this important marketing discipline to develop world-class branding and corporate identity systems. The net result: a system of strategic design and messaging that will position, differentiate, and elevate your business, establishing a solid foundation for your organization’s “common sense of self.”

Tugba Kalafatoglu  & Associates help you define and refine your brand. Gauging market perceptions and needs, identifying unique qualities and crafting a memorable identity, we'll ensure your brand burns brightest. Services include; Research and Inquiry, Brand Counsel, Messaging, Identity Design, Brand Education, Brand Launches.

Product Publicity

From product launches through maturity and beyond, Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates generate fresh promotional ideas to heighten awareness of your company and your brands. We then translate these ideas into activities and events that strengthen your image, create buzz and are often newsworthy in their own right.

Direct Mail

Few marketing tactics can target consumers more precisely than direct mail, and few organizations can match our direct mail expertise. Combining strategic list development, message framing and outstanding execution, Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates  will help you communicate with your audiences more personally and more effectively.

Business 'to' Business Marketing

In today's business environment, you need an agency that understands your business needs - an agency that can deliver the most effective marketing communications possible to the appropriate business consumers. Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates will combine its expertise and experience to develop and implement solutions that will help companies raise their profile in the business community, positioning them for a world of growth and opportunity.

The foundation of our success rests on a commitment to listening, strategic thinking, execution, and results.  This philosophy combined with a vital knowledge of our clients’ businesses has earned TK the reputation as one of the top players in business-to-business marketing.Our services include; Strategic media relations to business, trade, national and regional  outlets, Tradeshow marketing and support, Targeted, relevant special events planning and support, Alliances with key industry organizations and trade associations, Creating affinity relationships between clients, In designing communications strategies, TK pays careful attention to clients’ unique business objectives. TK excels at differentiating companies through clear, resonant messaging and uncomplicated communications strategy that furthers business goals.