Public affairs is a contact sport  --  it requires direct and immediate action, hands-on strategies, and the ability to sustain the momentum necessary to generate results. That is how Tugba Kalafatoglu & Associates plays it and integrate media relations, grassroots, grasstops and government advocacy into a focused campaign geared towards influencing public policy initiatives. Whether they are not-for-profit organizations, Fortune 500 or smaller corporations, or  industry or trade associations, clients have come to rely on Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates 's ability to manage the public debate and to place their interests at the forefront of policy development

Tugba Kalafatoglu & Associates specializes in organizing and mobilizing third-party support for client goals and initiatives at the international, national and local level. From formal coalitions to broad-based consensus building, TK  utilizes its extensive contact base to generate support among key-influencers, trade and business organizations, labor, consumer and environmental groups, minority representatives, faith based groups and other special interests. Our programs have become a critical campaign tool for clients seeking to impact congress, the executive branch, state legislatures, administrations, regulatory agencies and the general public.

Improving upon traditional lobbying, Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates  has pioneered new ways of influencing public policy. TK  knows how to mobilize your constituencies, enlist allies to work for your cause and get policymakers' attention. From technology to finance and beyond, we'll help you shape the debate and emerge with a positive outcome.

Media Relations/Image Building

Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates propels the clients' messages to the forefront of the public policy debate. We shape the messages that resonate

and reach the audiences that have an impact. With strong relationships with key civic, business, trade and public policy organizations throughout the world  also allow the  access to important forums, providing additional venues to heighten visibility among targeted audiences as well as media interests.

TK provides media and presentation training that prepares clients for both print and broadcast interviews, and trains them
to deliver their messages through methods that ensure heightened, positive visibility.

Issues Management and Advocacy

An effective public affairs campaign must make policymakers, influencers and constituents know precisely how the issues
affect their lives. Through grassroots media, direct marketing, online tactics and hard-hitting issue advertising,
Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates has successfully spread awareness on issues .

Reputation Management

An organization's reputation is the lifeblood of its effectiveness, especially when it comes to influencing opinion leaders. Managed properly, it can positively impact an organization's financial, political or public affairs goals. It is also a critical factor in how well an organization weathers a crisis. Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates  can provide a reputation management strategy that will help protect your most valuable asset and reach key stakeholders, such as consumers, communities and public officials.

Legislative Strategy

The legislative process can be like navigating a minefield if you haven't prepared a solid strategy. With a convergence of competing interest groups for every issue, the terrain can be unpredictable, and stepping out of the pack requires a differentiator. Working as a complement to your traditional lobbying operations, Tuğba Kalafatoğlu Associates  can deliver
a legislative strategy that employs the full array of public affairs and communications competencies you will need to win.

Corporate Communication

Tugba Kalafatoglu Associates is well known for solving the problems that keep clients awake at night, and this is especially true of our Corporate Communications practice.  Companies and organizations consistently face opportunities and challenges that can either enhance or impede their future progress.  Yet it is always an unwavering belief in that Company’s vision and strategy, and the capabilities of its leadership, that sees them through. Our core services include; Executive Branding, Authority/leadership positioning, ssues Monitoring and Rapid Response, Crisis Communications and Vulnerability Assessments, Restructuring Communications, Media Relations, Key Influencer Relations.

Crisis Communication

When trouble hits, in just hours, or even minutes, reputations can be made or broken.  During this critical time, a Company can create a meaningful bond with its customers or sustain damage that is widespread and long-lasting.  In some cases, the damage is easily quantified – legal liabilities, lost productivity of a closed plant, orders cancelled.  In others, the damage to
a Company’s reputation is beyond the measurement of today’s stock price or tomorrow’s order flow – it is the difference between prospering and surviving, or even going out of business.

Tugba Kalafatoglu & Associates prepares with planning that impacts all corporate stakeholders including consumers, employees, shareholders, government officials, NGO’s and community leaders.  When a crisis hits, TK can react immediately with a multi-channel and multi-discipline approach that addresses each of these key critical audiences. 

Of course, the best way to manage a crisis situation is to avoid one. Finding vulnerabilities and designing strategies to manage around them is one of the ways Tuğba Kalafatoğlu &  Associates can also help companies and organizations anticipate and defuse potentially volatile situations. But if the unavoidable occurs, we can help your organization quickly regain control by delivering a strategy that redefines the situation on your terms.

The services include; Vulnerability Assessments, Protocol Development, Spokesperson Evaluation and Training, Issues Monitoring and Rapid Response, Influencer Relations.